Fagaru Social Innovation Lab (Fagaru Lab.) is established to make of Centre Fagaru a resource centre for innovation and economic development with a specific focus on eco-entrepreneurship. Fagaru Lab works to advance the knowledge and practice of community of co-creation and social innovation. Fundamental to social innovation is the need for active local organisations and responsive institutions to address societal challenges. Training and support offered are concerned with human development of those men and women dedicated to community development and nature conservation. 

Fagaru Lab brings together a diverse group of stakeholders, practitioners and academics from Senegal and abroad to harness on the best existing body of knowledge and expertise. Through capacity building, training, risk-taking and experimentation, Fagaru Lab creates and supports problem-solving networks as to strengthen the ability of the various participants to make significant contribution in their respective fields. 

"Protected Areas, Eco-Entrepreneurship and Employability of Ypouing Men and Women" is the title of the pilot project being implemented now at Centre Fagaru. The project has received financial and technical support from the Netherlands Embassy in Dakar and the Ministry of Environment and sustainable development of Senegal. 12 young men and women from different villages are recruited for a 9 month long term residential training programme at Centre Fagaru. 


Fagaru Social Innovation Lab provides a proactive practical training to address critical issues and offer alternatives to reduce biodiversity loss and help improve rural livelihoods through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship. The ecological crisis, climate change and growing rural poverty are generating demand for skilled practitioners to contribute in food security through better use of the agribusiness potential.


Fagaru Social Innovation Lab contributes in tourism development in protected areas through the provision of appropriate training, support services and expertise to policy makers, entrepreneurs and other service providers looking for access to technology and specific skills and competency. Centre Fagaru acts as an incubator and accelerator to offer training to entrepreneurs and enhance local business development.

Tropical aquaculture

Two hectares of land at Centre Fagaru are earmarked for aquaculture production and training, specialising on tilapia and catfish culture. Facilities will consist of outdoor ponds, a processing unit and a field laboratory. Outreach projects will create awareness and sensitize young people and community organizations on existing technology, knowledge and expertise available to set up viable aquaculture farms.